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The clocks went back this morning. This practice of daylight saving began during the First World War in Germany and Austria-Hungary to conserve fuel supplies during the summer months, though it had been first suggested back in 1895.

Winding back the clock doesn’t mean winding back time. There will be many people reading this who feel that it would benefit them if the clocks could be moved back not by one hour but by days, weeks or even years. The truth however is that we cannot re-live time, not even just one hour.

We make choices all the time, and follow a course of life based on those choices. Obviously some choices are not ours to make, like the family and culture we are born into, but human beings have the capacity to choose what we do with what we are given. Some choices work out well. Some don’t, and in these cases we hope for an opportunity to change course.

Maybe it would be good to use the extra hour today to pause and reflect on choices we have made and how those choices affected us and those around us.

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