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Here’s one for all you Scrabble fans out there. What words could you make from these letters?

There are two words which I can spot which form the basis of a good way of relating one to another. The words are related to each other in some respects.

These two words say a lot about how much importance we give to what the other person has to say over and above the so-called pearls of earthly wisdom which we might like to impart.

They say something about how much we value the other person, and the level of hospitality we would offer to someone who needs a real friend at a time of need or distress.

They are also good words to put into practice, both at the same time, when we pray, when we want to receive guidance, or when we just want to have a sense of being close to God.

I expect there are more words you could make, but I’ll leave you to work out what the particular words I’m referring to are.

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