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I’ve been thinking a bit more about my ladder experience of a couple of weeks ago. Believe me if you’ve fallen off a ladder it really does play on your mind as well as your bruises!

I said at the time that I had been complacent with my own safety. There was an assumption on my part that the ladder was going to bear my weight and be the solid object I needed it to be as I reached out to brush cobwebs away.

As I reflect at a deeper level, I wonder if there are parts of my life which are not as stable as I believe them to be. Have I taken my eye off the ball when it comes to my friendships, for example? Am I looking after my health, or do I just assume that I’ll be able to keep going as I am for the rest of my life? Am I nurturing my faith by feeding myself?

We should guard against complacency. Obviously you can’t give everything your fullest attention all the time, but if you neglected your garden the weeds will soon grow.

Take a few minutes to reflect on whether you are standing on solid ground or on an unsafe ladder. What, or even who, deserves your attention this week?

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