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You will no doubt remember the floods earlier in the year, particularly if you’re anywhere near the Somerset Levels. The water table was so high that it did not take much rain to cause flooding, both from the rain directly falling on the land and also from the increased amount of water coming off the surrounding hills.

If you think about your life in those terms, how high is your ‘water table’? How much of life’s bad weather could you withstand before floods start causing damage in your life? And what can be done about it?

It’s possible to shore up the defences of course, but from my experience that tends to lead to an increase in pressure on those defences, and anxiety as to whether the defences will hold or not.

I know I’m stretching the analogy somewhat, but I would say that drainage is the key. There needs to be a way for each of us to reduce the anxiety in our lives which will enable us to cope with the storms of life. Talking about such anxiety and pressure really helps. I know from experience.

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