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Forgive and forget. That’s an interesting expression, but is it really possible?

If you’re reading this it’s likely that someone has done something negative to you. Maybe they have physically harmed you or caused material loss or damage. Maybe they have caused psychological injury to you. Perhaps you are feeling a real sense of injustice on behalf of someone else.

The feelings are real, and you don’t want to forgive the wrong-doer. You are angry and want to retaliate, but maybe you sense that retaliation will not solve the problem or take away the hurt. You may also have spiritual teaching which you can hear which says that you ought to forgive otherwise God cannot forgive you.

Be assured that it is possible to work through this dilemma. It may be a painful road, and it won’t necessarily eliminate your pain altogether. It possibly won’t restore your relationship to the other person either.

Whatever you have suffered cannot be forgotten, but it’s important to work with how you feel and what you carry around with you day-to-day. Forgiveness is a process, and being able to talk things through and express exactly how you feel right now would be the beginning of that process for you.