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If you think back over the past week, what were the things that didn’t go according to plan, or that went wrong? Were there mistakes you made, or perhaps a few ill-chosen words? And the $64,000 question – how did those things make you feel?

I suppose it’s as much to do with how you feel about yourself generally. If you’re a confident person you’ll know that because you’re a human being the potential for making mistakes exists, but that when these things happen you reflect on it and learn for the next time. And you’ll be growing in the process.

But what if you don’t feel positive about yourself? Expressions like ‘that’s typical of me’, ‘I always get it wrong’, or ‘I’m always putting my foot in it’ may strike a chord.

These are global expressions someone might use to describe themselves and are not to do with any isolated incident. You might have heard significant people in your life say these sort of things to you. If you have, these expressions can become what you believe about yourself.

However, your true self lies within. It needs the right conditions in which to grow. It needs to feel valued and welcome. That, in essence, is what counselling provides.

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