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Being grateful reflects an ability to be aware of the present. It’s easy to have a tendency to long for the things we don’t have, and sometimes that’s right to focus on, for example if you find yourself out of work.

Gratitude reveals a level of contentment, and a sense of inner peace. There is an appreciation of what we do have, not just in a material sense but also in who each of us is as a human being, and this leads us to appreciate each other.

It’s very easy to miss much in life and to rush from one activity to another.


The next time you eat food, really taste it and engage with the flavour.

The next time you hear music, really listen to it and engage with the sounds.

The next time you touch an object, really feel it and engage with the sensation of touch.

The next time you see something, really look at it and engage with the vision.

The next time you smell a sweet fragrance, really draw in a deep breath and engage with the aroma.

And be grateful.

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