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So 2017 is several days old now, and I wonder how it’s shaping up for you? Maybe it’s a bit too early to tell. It might also be hard to differentiate between New Year blues and just generally getting back up to speed after a long break.

These of course are merely generalisations. Some people had no break at all over the Christmas period, whilst for others this time of year can be indeed a very bleak midwinter and they will be glad to see the back of it.

Still others may have decorated their lives and possibly even their relationship with tinsel and lights, hoping that the spirit of Christmas will bring gifts of hope, peace and reconciliation. But when the decorations come down rooms can seem quite bare by comparison. And now that the New Year has begun, what lies ahead? Will it be a happy New Year?

If this is striking a chord with you, why not get in touch? This may be an ideal opportunity at the start of a new year to take a fresh look at what may be weighing you down or preventing you from living life as you would like. If your relationship is in turmoil, don’t leave it to the very last minute to get help. Many couples have benefitted from the chance to improve their communication which has enhanced their lives in many areas.

A lot of people will read this and be excited about what the New Year has in store. However, if you are anxious about what 2017 holds for you, I hope and pray that you will be able to find the strength, courage and even unlooked-for companionship to enable you to experience a perceptible change in your life.

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