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Odd title for a Thought for the Week you may think, but it’s exactly what I heard someone say earlier this week.

It was mild and fairly sunny as we all arrived at work. We had been talking about how much fine weather we have had in this country during the summer and also more recently (ah, the British obsession with the weather!) Yet it was still possible for one lady, who was leaving the office at 3pm to pick up her child from school, to scythe through the positivity which had been created.

What was this about? Perhaps she didn’t like other people being happy. Maybe she was low and wanted to communicate that, albeit indirectly. Whatever it was, it certainly had an effect on the rest of us.

It’s right that we should be mindful of each other, but that doesn’t mean denying our happiness because someone else is sad. Neither does it mean ostracising someone who seems just plain negative, because like an iceberg there will be a lot more under the surface.

Did it rain at three o’clock?

I honestly can’t remember.

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