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The date for the next General Election has been set for the 7th May this year, and already the ‘starting gun has been fired’ with the launch of poster campaigns. It’s likely that the central issues of the debates will be around the economy.

I personally would like to see how each of the political parties intends to help the NHS, and in particular the area of mental health. I was therefore delighted to hear about the Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders’ publication ‘Prioritising Mental Health Research’, written specifically as a manifesto for the 2015 General Election (see for a copy).

Mental ill health affects people in many ways: it can affect physical health, cause economic difficulties, and create relationship problems amongst other things. It can be very debilitating, and is very hard to live with as a sufferer or as a carer.

So when you bump into your local political activists in the street or at your front door, ask them what their policies are for mental health. And if you or someone you know is suffering in this way, remember – it’s good to talk.

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