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I was reading a blog about how to like yourself more. The writer was suggesting eight steps in all, but one of these was to have a Self-Esteem File.

The idea was given to someone, let’s call him John, by a therapist to write down a list of strengths that he felt he had. John failed to come up with anything significant. Not surprising really. If I had been asked to do the same during my periods of darkness I wouldn’t have come up with much either.

Then three friends were asked to write 10 things they liked about John, who was moved to read what had been written. This led him to the idea of keeping a Self-Esteem File, in which he would enter all the nice things people subsequently said about him.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it. All you have to do is get people to write nice stuff about you and all of a sudden you feel so much better.

Have you wondered what the positive things are that people would write about you? And the $64,000 question is – would you believe what they said?

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